YWAM Tribal Waves is committed to serving and meeting the needs of our local community, feeding the hungry, praying for those who are hurting and sharing our stories with everyone we meet!

Sports also present an exciting avenue that draws in people of all ages, mostly youth. It has the ability to give people identity; however we are there to represent how Christ is the true identity. Aside from reaching people it helps us grow as leaders. We learn how to spot giftings in the people we play with and foster them in a positive direction. It also allows a platform for us to speak life into the lives of people who are lost and even pray for their needs. In all sports we are involved in we bring Jesus onto the field and we use our abilities to glorify Him.

Some members of our staff Ref and Coach at our local schools and we also play various sports at the local tribal college throughout the week with both students and community members. We have met some interesting people and have been able to pray several needs in the community through this outreach. On Fridays we are welcomed into the local middle school to play sports with the kids and share our testimonies with them. Sports have opened several doors that may not be opened otherwise. God wants us to use that which we love to glorify Him and that includes sports!